Converged Communications in 2020

August 8, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Converged Communications

Copy of Copy of MOQdigital July - Sept (3)Communication is key for all businesses regardless of size and Converged Communications in 2020 will build upon the advancements we have seen in previous years. As technology continues to transform, many companies are beginning to wonder what their Converged Communications will look like in years to come, and what they can do to leverage digital technologies for meaningful success. Converged Communications will continue to focus on the evolution of technologies we have now, rather than the creation of new tools and services.

The Basics of Converged Communications

Converged Communications aims to remove the barrier between people, networks, and processes. It enhances collaboration and communication, which, in turn, improves streamlining and innovation for companies. It is an essential part of creating a Future Workplace in a digital env.

Converged Communications is also broadly applicable and can deliver, relevant services regardless of the size of a company or where they are on their Digital Transformation journey.

Cyber Security in 2020

Cyber Security has become a focus for all businesses, with attacks becoming more and more common. Converged Communications provides a single viewpoint for IT teams, allowing them to manage access and authorisation more effectively – and shut down unauthorised use, potential threats, and other risks more quickly than ever before.  In the future, businesses will be taking more measures than ever to protect their operations, and Converged Communications in 2020 will enable this by delivering relevant and reliable updates for security technologies. These may relate to password protection, phishing reduction, malware, ransomware, and virus protection, and improved employee education, alongside better insights regarding network access and authorisation.

The Cloud in 2020

The Cloud is no longer a matter of ‘if’ for business, but rather ‘when’, and those utilising Converged Communications in 2020 are no exception. When looking at the cybersecurity landscape, it is no surprise that more companies are relying on the Cloud. Using new technologies to protect information – and make it more efficient – is a crucial feature of Future Workplaces and while The Cloud is not a ‘new’ technology, it will continue to evolve dramatically to meet the needs of a modern workforce. When it comes to convergence, the Cloud helps streamline efficiency, enable remote work, and encourage greater communication and collaboration across organisations.

 IoT in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) relates to the Cloud, and in an era of connectivity, is a key component of success for Converged Communications in 2020. It is estimated that there will be over 26 billion connected devices in 2020 – and convergence gives companies a way to improve how they manage, monitor, and maintain these devices. It is also important to note that IoT isn’t ‘one’ technology; it is a collection of many. Finding a way to manage these can be a challenge, but advancements in the digital world have enabled more efficient and cost-effective capabilities than ever before. From 2020, and beyond, company leaders can expect to see an increased use of IoT across their organisation – and should be prepared to feel the effects. This means preparing to collect more data, training employees, and utilising the right tools and services to make the most of their digital investments.


Technology in 2020

Technology is getting smarter, and Smart Technology is now commonplace. It is a trend that many businesses will begin to utilise in coming months and years. A key feature of this is integration. Technology is integrating with the world – no longer an ‘add on’ but rather a part of the landscape. Converged Communication will help enable smarter, more sophisticated systems to help companies utilise these technologies.

The possibilities for Converged Communications in 2020 are seemingly limitless, are changing the digital landscape excitingly and fundamentally. With greater opportunities available, businesses who want to explore how Digital Transformation can enable their Future Workplace should get in touch with MOQdigital today.