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September 4, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

End User Experience, Converged Communications

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Converged communications are capable of simplifying an increasingly complex telephone and data network for corporations. With enhanced end-user experienced, converged communications combine voice, video, and data technology via a common IP. The aim is to deliver a streamlined business environment that sees improved communications and collaborations. Companies who are still reliant on traditional voice technologies are not capable of elevating their services to meet the needs of a modern market. Converged communications add flexibility and increased capability to corporate operations, especially since telephony can be integrated into enterprise data networks. This results in a reduction of complexity when running multiple systems, creating a standard environment that is built on integration and global connections – rather than a single two-way service. Convergence is now driving modern technology; the merging of multiple pathways into streamlined capabilities that benefit businesses and their customers. The focus of this convergence should be a positive transformation that improves a company’s bottom line by reducing costs and increasing capability.

Companies across the globe are realising the benefits of converged communications, and as the borders of the world fade thanks to digitalisation, these benefits not only become more apparent – but also more important. These include:

  • More efficient end user and customer service solutions
  •  Improved productivity in the workplace
  • Integrated business communications
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Auditing and deployment
  • Streamlined workplace operations
  • Cost savings
  • Unified messaging
  • A network that supports telephone and data service
  • Predictable planning and billing
  • Simplified administrations

Another significant benefit of converged communications is its integration process. Companies do not need to replace their entire network in a single go, and can instead plan stages of deployment to meet their needs, expectations, and budget. It is important for companies to realise the benefits of converged communications, and understand that the capabilities of a digital market extend beyond phone systems. Instead, businesses should consider convergence as a way to get an edge in a digital marketplace, obtaining a capable, robust network that improves the services they already deliver while also delivering space for leveraged growth.

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