Consumer-style IT access

June 13, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

End User Experience

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Consumer-style IT access is driving the end-user experience, and businesses should acknowledge that connectivity is required for ongoing consumer activity and loyalty.  

Connectivity: A consumer expectation
Consumer-style IT and connectivity are heavy influencers of the end-user experience. Why? Because connectivity provides a frictionless experience for those engaging with your apps and services. From banking to online subscriptions, shopping experiences, and one-touch purchasing, connectivity permeates our IT-driven lifestyle and is becoming one of the primary drivers of customer satisfaction.

Modern users have growing expectations regarding their apps and devices. As they become increasingly tech savvy, they require more elastic strategies to ensure loyalty and profitability. Today's day consumers not only want a consumer-style IT experience, but they have come to expect it thanks to experiences with other consumer-focused IT products and services.  This is why so many businesses are turning to consumer-style access for their end-user experience, and why making the shift is critical to obtaining and maintaining active consumers. 

End user satisfaction
End-user satisfaction and productivity are both important measures of success for an organisation. However, delivering an excellent user experience is a challenge that many businesses struggle with - especially when faced with differences in connectivity, networking pathways, devices, geography, and culture. This is because people use technology applications and services differently, and if businesses cannot anticipate consumer activity, they cannot appropriately influence it.

These pitfalls highlight the importance of monitoring IT application performance from an end-user perspective. The use of performance metrics, such as application times, transaction times, and browsing behaviour, allow a business to understand better how customers are using their apps and services - and how likely they are to continue to do so. These metrics then contribute to the evolution and delivery of more efficient, relevant IT processes that drive the end-user experience.

Efficient IT access improves your overall end-user experience, and as leaders in business transformation, we know that connectivity is crucial to your success. With innovative solutions that deliver a superior digital experience, MOQdigital helps you deliver better business. 

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