Cloud Identity for Business

August 7, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Identity, Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Identity BusinessCloud Identity enables greater agility for businesses, allowing them to adopt more applications, increase productivity, adopt single-sign on, and improve efficiency across existing and potential IT infrastructure.

Cloud architecture is being utilised at a rapid rate, and businesses are increasingly discovering the benefits of their Journey to the Cloud. These include cost-effectiveness, the ability to scale on demand, improved reliability, anywhere/anytime access, and significant flexibility. However, the benefits of the Cloud also bring substantial risks. The Cloud is vulnerable to multiple kinds of network attacks, as well as privacy issues. These concerns make Identity and Access management a necessity for all businesses utilising Cloud services.

 What is Cloud Identity?

Cloud Identity is an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution that allows companies to monitor and manage their Cloud users from a central console. This allows a business to understand how their infrastructure is being accessed, by whom, and with what purpose, enabling greater flexibility, security, and speed across Cloud applications. In turn, this allows companies to improve their:

  • Collaborative abilities
  • Network capabilities
  • Scaling and Agility
  • Costs and savings

With Cloud Identity, companies obtain one-click access to apps they need, allowing employees to focus on their work while administrators manage identities, apps, and devices to ensure that agility and security remain paramount. This is essential, as workplaces are no longer confined to single locations. Companies are allowing employees to work anywhere, anytime thanks to the Cloud. Cloud Identity helps ensure that these capabilities remain secure. By including robust mobile device management, a company gains the ability to monitor and manage devices, including the opportunity to implement screen locks, find lost or stolen devices, wipe data remotely, enforce passcodes, and employ phishing-resistant security. These features help companies overcome the significant vulnerabilities associated with Cloud usage, and provide extra layers of defence in a multi-faceted, threat-oriented digital marketplace.

Further Benefits

Additional benefits associated with Cloud Identity are vast. One of the most significant is how Cloud Identity provides all the functionality a business needs right away – delivering the tools required for productivity and protection in a single license. A good Cloud Identity solution will also deliver:

  • Single Sign-on from any device, enabling anywhere, anytime capabilities to increase employee productivity.
  • The ability to integrate SaaS applications in minutes, utilising existing on-premises Identity and Access Management
  • The ability to leverage on-premises infrastructure
  • Enable application deployments
  • Enhanced security via multi-factor authentication
  • Greater control access for managers and team leaders
  • Quick scaling and improved flexibility to change quickly to business needs without compromising security
  • Compliance in line with global compliance standards
  • The ability to protect existing identity and access management deployments
  • Use behavioural authentication to reduce risk
  • Integrate identities with PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS to deliver increased security

Your Cloud Identity Solution

If you’d like to learn more about how Cloud Identity could impact your company, contact MOQdigital. Identity is foundational to enabling agile experiences in a digitally driven, competitive business environment. With customers including Bond University, Queensland Treasury, and the BDO Group, we can help you get started, and help you discover the right Cloud solution for your business.