The Benefits of Managed Services

March 8, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Journey to the Cloud


A managed service provider can help maintain the stability, health, and reliability of a company’s Citrix Cloud infrastructure. Often, IT teams can struggle to find the resources and tools to monitor and manage significant digital transformation effectively. MOQdigital offers Service First solutions to help fill the gaps and ensure that business needs are met according to their goals, investments, and architecture. We are proud of our offshore Colombo, Sri Lanka-based Managed Services team and believe that our Managed Services are an integral part of our success in delivering innovation to banks and financial service  organisations 

Managed Service provisions, such as those with Citrix Cloud, are excellent way for organisations to access service desks to help manage their technology, ensure they are getting the best price for their investment, and receive excellent, 24/7 service.  

Some of the advantages of Managed Services include:  

  • Proven, secure, cloud-based tools to access your technology 
  • Infrastructure monitoring to maintain a healthy, reliable IT environment 
  • User expansion to increase engagement and accelerate onboarding 
  • Ongoing monitoring to analyse and encourage growth 
  • Stabilising infrastructure without disruption thanks to behind-the-scenes services including environment assessment, root cause analysis, and configuration management. 
  • The ability to bring other Citrix resources to extend the level of expertise delivered to a customer 
  • A team that works remotely, meaning that companies do not have to provide office space 
  • Ability to work with third-party vendors who can positively affect a customer’s Citrix environment 
  • Regular reporting of trends, and recommendations for improvement  

If you have any questions about Managed Services, please get in touch with a MOQdigital consultant today. To discover more about our Colombo Branch, read about our journey to build our MOQdigital services and leaders in Sri Lanka.