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August 22, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Hotels & Property

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Seamless backoffice operations are integral to providing a great customer experience for your hotel guests. Hoteliers need to invest in their backoffice operations, introducing practices and applications to provide the transparency required to increase performance and improve the guest experience.

 The influence on experience

Many hotels treat front and back offices as separate silos, making it difficult to evaluate the complete guest experience. Companies need to monitor the entire customer journey to evaluate and ensure an excellent guest experience.  Lack of understanding regarding backoffice, as well as the absence of the appropriate management and optimisation systems, can limit how a company interacts with its consumer.

Investment in hotel guest-experience technologies is steadily increasing, with a key focus on:

  • Booking engines
  • Mobile and remote check-in
  • Keyless entry
  • Smart rooms
  • Interactive room service
  • Online communications
  • Wake-up systems
  • Check out systems
  • Transport
  • …and much more   

Despite these advances and a modern approach to guest services, most hotels have a dated backoffice. A dated backoffice limits the operation of the guest-facing systems, not allowing them to run optimally. Guest-facing technology that is not matched by backoffice technology and on-premise systems are ineffective and influence how you deliver service across your facility. This put your employees at a disadvantage to offering the optimal experience to guests. For example, your backoffice services look after:

  • Receiving payment
  • Delivering refunds
  • Providing event information
  • Checking in and out
  • Transport services
  • Cleaning services
  • Room and restaurant service and provisions
  • …and far more.

All of these features related to the guest experience can be a significant pain point if they are not seamless and easy for the guest. If your systems cannot offer a full guest experience, then your POS and other services will not be able to either. Developing a better digital strategy that can monitor and maintain your operations is crucial to growth, development, and positive customer provisions.

Digital technology provides a solution to dated technology services, offering insights and information management that enable effective performance monitoring, insight, and collaboration. Point of service is also improved, allowing guests to experience faster check-ins and have better access to events, promotions, and other products. If your staff and systems are up-to-date and keeping up with consumer needs, then they will be better able to care for your guests.


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