Application Modernisation and Identity Management for Seqwater

February 4, 2020, MOQdigital

Utilities & Transport, Digital Transformation

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Geographically diverse organizations with field staff that need to travel between locations typically have a hard time managing their technology infrastructure, especially when security is a strong consideration.

For water treatment providers and other utilities organizations, security means safeguarding a resource that’s indispensable for millions of people. 

Unfortunately, security often comes as a challenge, especially when it comes to modernizing legacy infrastructure. There’s no good time to turn off an electrical or water treatment plant to perform upgrades, which means that  the majority of critical infrastructure organizations run legacy hardware. 

Regardless, digital transformations are still possible – we proved that with the work we did with SEQwater. 

Modernizing an Irreplaceable Utility 

For context, SEQWater is the water treatment and utility provider for Southeast Queensland, home to 3.1 million people. In addition to plumbing and drinking water, SEQwater helps mitigate floods, ensures catchment health, provides publicly available recreational facilities, and assists 1,200 farmers with irrigation services. 

With over 50 locations around the state, SEQwater knew that they needed a centralized system in order to better manage their user permissions and access. Siloing systems are historically necessary due to the critical level of security needed for the water supply.  

Increased security also  made it difficult for IT staff at the headquarters location to manage and maintain user permissions for their field staff.  In short, SEQwater needed a secure way for their IT staff to manage user permissions remotely from the head office so that Operators wouldn’t need to travel for hours just to type in their passwords. 

Read more how we helped SEQwater. 

Whether or not your organization represents critical infrastructure, MOQDigital has a solution that can change the way you do business, making it more streamlined, more efficient, and more secure. Contact us today for more information.