Analytics Dashboard Insights for IoT Events

August 8, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is paving the way for smart devices in smart businesses. Smart businesses are those who can make actionable decisions based on accurate insights. More and more we are seeing these ideas coming from analytics dashboards for IoT events. IoT is saturating businesses with data and intel that was previously unavailable.
More connections = More data.
Our world is getting smarter and more connectedWe are relying more and more on our devices, and obtaining more and more data from them as a result. In both commercial and consumer spaces, IoT has the potential to gather data and generate actionable analytics. Insightful analytics enable companies to pursue real-time trends and scale their behaviour to meet and match current consumer trends. However, more data is not always better, and some companies are drowning in insights that they are unable to interpret or translate into an actionable strategies. Analytics dashboards are critical for this reason, and knowing how best to utilise the core data for your company is integral to getting ahead and making the most of IoT in business

Managing insights.

Smart and insightful IoT dashboards can generate actionable data. Conversely, a poorly designed and operated IoT dashboard makes navigating data difficult, creating disparate sets of analytics which may stunt the growth of an organisation.
A poorly designed analytics dashboard can.

  • Become static in design
  • Be an expensive, unused tool
  • Miss data links
  •  Delay decisions
  • Lead to missed opportunities
  • Delay the prevention of issues and incidents
  • Confuse a system with unwanted/unnecessary data

On the other hand, a good IoT dashboard has the potential to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve department efficiency
  • Provide greater operational insights
  • Allow for better business strategy
  •  Can be utilised by small and large businesses thanks to tailored designs
  • Offer smoother management interfaces

Insight & implementation

IoT implementation can have a massive impact on the growth and development of a business. If IoT is utilised correctly in an analytics dashboard, by obtaining, managing, analysing, and providing actionable insights from the relevant data, then a business has every reason to flourish. A well-organised analytics dashboard connected via IoT can provide deeper, more meaningful insights into a business and its clients. It can also provide a future-proof, long-term system that can be expanded to meet business growth.


Here at MOQdigital, we are proud to provide a superior digital experience and guide you on your Journey to IoT. With insight into IoT and Data Analytics, we would love to help you put you get the most out of your operations.

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