Cloud Consulting for an Improved Cloud Journey

February 13, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Journey to the Cloud


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 As we well and truly move into 2018, the question companies need to be asking is not whether they should move into the Cloud, but rather when and how best to go about it. This is where Cloud Consulting becomes an asset for companies. Allowing a Cloud consultant to come on board not only provides a company with insight into their Cloud Journey, but they also reduce the risks associated with Cloud mismanagement. Services that are not being utilised appropriately, or at all in some cases, as well as incorrect insight analysis, and improper application of those insights can all lead businesses away from their goals – even with an in-house strategy in place.

Consultancy helps companies who already utilise, and who wish to utilise The Cloud to meet their business goals. They do this by enabling better business practices within the Cloud by helping companies understand that Cloud Computing is not just a new approach to IT, but is instead an innovative and actionable way of doing business. Not only does it allow a company to get ahead of its competitors, but the Cloud provides the opportunity to transform workplaces, create more productive environments, and improve the security and operations of a company.

A Journey to the Cloud helps organisations provide innovation in their:

  1. Applications: Improved flexibility, scale, cost, and availability to companies who aim to remain up-to-date and enable productive team.
  2. Platform: A reliable and scalable platform from which specialised custom applications and integrations can be built upon.
  3. Infrastructure: A way to manage cost, scale and replacement of ageing on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud consultancy also helps companies drive their innovation, enabling a strategy that works toward both long and short-term corporate goals. Companies will also be able to develop stronger customer relationships by learning how to read, interpret, and act upon customer insights. This leads to a better customer experience and allows a business to make informed decisions regarding the growth of their consumer base. This growth requires additional management, and fortunately, a well-managed Cloud strategy can simplify and improve this process. A Cloud consultation will help a company reduce their maintenance and management time while improving their efficiency in both of those areas; providing peace of mind and enabling the full utilisation of Cloud infrastructure for corporate growth. In fact, companies who use Cloud consultancy are provided with the advice, direction, and expertise required to pave their way to success in a market that is already Cloud saturated and heavily Cloud-oriented.


In a market that is ever moving toward the Cloud, doesn’t it make sense to make the most out of your Cloud Journey? The MOQdigital team takes the complexity out of the Journey to the Cloud. With a combined 350 years of IT experience in consulting, integration, and managed services, we can provide your company with the best solutions needed to simplify your ICT. Our team has provided companies like BDO, The Port of Brisbane, and St Joseph’s College with the insights and integration required to begin and maintain a successful Cloud Journey. Discover more about how our team can help your company: Contact a MOQdigital consultant today.