Accessing business services anywhere using apps and data

August 10, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

End User Experience

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Business services from cloud apps and devices are driving better end-user experiences. This step up and forward is seeing companies develop better IT services benefiting both the consumer and the organisation. 

Cloud potential
The convergence of network capabilities, technologies, related devices and applications is triggering an end-user evolution. The cloud can now be integrated to optimise consumer IT experiencesproviding anywhere access to data and apps – meaning anytime access to your products and services.

Cloud devices and apps are also quicker and less prone to hogging memory than previous methods. Devices operating from the cloud boot faster, run better and work smoother due to improved connectivity with a seamless end-user experience. Business services offered on the cloud also provide a greater degree of collaboration with sharing, uploading, and downloading anywhere, anytime.

On top of this, business services accessible via the cloud ensure companies are monitoring and analysing data consistently. Thanks to the cloud, companies can reduce their operating and data storage costs, improve internal sharing and flexibility, and keep their insights both on hand and secure. The potential of offering business services through the cloud is there, and corporations need to ensure they’re abreast of their customers’ needs across apps and devices.

Cloud preparation
The primary focus of end-user cloud apps and devices must be the userModern technology is driving more personal, accessible consumer experiences resulting in clients expecting a certain level of connectivity and device integration.

The line between corporate and personal devices is blurring, with cloud apps and computing, devices can become wirelessly linked, creating data that is accessible from the office, home, in transit, and everywhere in-between. Phones, laptops, tablets, and even televisions now offer everything needed for anywhere, anytime business services. This improved connectivity creates a frictionless end-user experience that is further improved by the cloud. However, this also means that your end-user services need to be accessible on multiple devices at multiple times.

The development of these systems can be complex, and many IT professionals may get lost developing different technologies,  causing oversights in the end-user experience. Your system needs to ensure your business services on the cloud are what your users need – both now and in the long term. Design your cloud-based services with your end-user in mind.

Launching your end-user experience into the cloud is an excellent way to reduce costs, improve function, and provide consumers with a better experience. Making the move is tricky, and companies often get lost. MOQdigital are leaders in providing superior digital solutions. Read more about the cloud and contact us to find out more.