Accelerate Digital Transformation with Hyper Converged Cloud

March 22, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Journey to the Cloud

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Nutanix’s Hyper-Converged Enterprise Cloud solution provides companies with the ability to manage their applications through scalable Capex or Opex consumption models. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) virtualises conventional hardware defined systems, allowing IT departments to remove silos and deliver on-premises IT services that have the speed and operational efficiency of a public cloud, while still providing the security, control, and transparency associated with private cloud systems. HCI is quickly becoming the software solution for cloud saturated business, as it simplifies the deployment and management of data centre resources by providing all-in-one computing, storage, and networking. These features enable flexible scaling, allowing companies to manage their data in a more effective, efficient manner. Other benefits of hyper-converged cloud infrastructure include:  

  • Easier cloud service launching, enabling businesses to package and migrate workloads and significantly reduce deployment times. 
  • Software-defined storage technology to aggregate all existing hard drives into a manageable storage capacity pool
  • The ability to progress toward more agile infrastructure and modernised `applications and deployments 

Hyper-converged infrastructure is suitable for both government agencies and departments as well as commercial businesses, as it can keep up with public demand, while also remaining secure enough to operate successfully within private enterprise. Frameworks such as Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyper Converged Infrastructure, allow companies to understand the capabilities of their HCI experience, allowing them to focus on innovating their business vision to build greater efficiency and agility across their technologies. Companies who utilise the Hyper-Converged cloud to scale their enterprise cloud platform experience significantly reduced cloud complexity as the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform typically consolidates data centers by 70% or more. The result is infrastructure that is more manageable, and IT teams are better able to focus on services and applications that can power solutions and services that enable corporate success. 

Together, MOQdigital and Nutanix have helped government departments and agencies and commercial businesses in Australia and worldwide transition to efficient, capable, virtualised data centers built on hybrid infrastructure. MOQdigital is a leader in cloud solutions and can help your company deploy Nutanix solutions to enable scalable success within your business. Make a move to a more scalable enterprise cloud platform; contact a MOQdigital consultant today.