End User Experience

Creating an End User Experience which is simple to use, highly adaptable to change, secure, and productive – all starts by setting the right strategy. It's more than just your desktop environment.

What is End User Experience?



Ensuring that the right architecture approach is tailored to deliver the flexibility and adaptability for the devices and business scenarios.



With a focus on better experiences, we take an apps based approach to ensure the environment is managed and corporate data is secured.



Providing "Ready to Work On" devices that also deliver on the expectations that users have to match consumer-style access and freedom.

June 15, 2017

Identity Connected Architecture

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"The roadmap that MOQdigital has helped us develop has added agility to our business operations and rethink how we plan for the future."

David Tozza, QLD Treasury IT Manager

How can we get started?


Adoption Strategy

With users expecting a consumer-like experience in their work environments, focusing on End-User Experience as an adoption strategy can reap benefits quickly.

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Modern Desktop Service Plan

Microsoft has introduced new as-a-Service paradigms which need the appropriate strategy and technical configurations to facilitate an up-to-date, secure desktop environment.

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Cyber Security

Modern technology is moving at a rapid rate, and cyber threats are even faster. Find out more about how our Cyber Security Assessment can help your organisation detect and respond to the ever-evolving threats. 

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Cloud Managed Wifi

Cloud Managed Wifi networks deliver great End-User experiences, allow end-to-end visibility and control of all organisational networks and simplify the deployment and management.

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