Business Insights

Evidence-based decisions & data-driven investments enable businesses to make better decisions by getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Informed businesses make better decisions.


Why did it happen?

Being able to visualise historical data to understand correlations and gain insights between events and outcomes.


What will happen?

Using historical data insights and correlations that is used to model and apply machine learning to predict future events.


What should I do?

Using the prediction model and machine learning to create scenarios and provide decision support tools based on scenario input.

September 15, 2017

PowerBI Dashboard Library

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"MOQdigital has been helping us solve IT challenges for seven years. They understand our business and add real value at every engagement."

Russ Philips, BDO National CTO

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PowerBI Industry Dashboards

We have a collection of Industry Oriented PowerBI dashboards covering Health & Aged Care, Utilities, Education and Financial Services.

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Cloud App Analytics

Whether it's visualising the usage and consumption patterns using the OMS or analysis real-time data from Azure Stream Analytics we can help.



Risk & Compliance

Using data to provide assurance based on quality, integrity and relevance, including visualising maturity benchmarking, risk and compliance.

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Portfolio Analytics

Use data-driven investment analysis for benefits realisation, portfolio analysis, spend analysis and program status.