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Looking to understand what the best use of Azure is for your school or business? MOQdigital can provide a scenario deep dive, planning and get access to Azure for one month to try.

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“MOQdigital can provide a scenario deep dive, planning and get access to Azure”


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Microsoft’s Azure Everywhere Program by MOQdigital is an engagement funded by Microsoft that allows you to take your journey in understanding how the Microsoft Cloud vision responds to changing business needs with the power of the cloud infrastructure and services.

An in-person workshop, and a follow-up report will gather your current requirements and present the high-level plan to adopting cloud technologies.

An instructor-led demonstration for technical staff that explores each of the Microsoft technologies that are used in Transforming the Data centre.

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Identity Services, Monitoring and Management Solutions, Hypervisor Solution, Hybrid Cloud Services.


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Recieve a report with a high level plan on how to use Azure cloud services in your organisation or school and a Azure credit for one month.

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