MOQdigital’s App in a Day Workshop

Many organisations have been using Office365 for some time, and the process of integrating an online CRM like D365 can be daunting if you can’t conceptualise the benefits it will bring to the business.


To overcome this, we have developed MOQdigital’s App Design in a Day workshop so businesses can quickly prove the value of digitising manual processes using their existing data, D365 and Microsoft’s Power Apps.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

User Experience

Shared Data

Provides a cohesive customer experience across all applications and empowers teams to be scalable.


Reduce Manual

By digitizing paper-based processes we can reduce manual activity and increase efficiency.

Operating Costs

Low/No Code

Without the need to rely on busy developers to code solutions, we can prove ideas, fast. 


Better Customer Experience

Using a shared data model, we can deliver humanised, personalised experiences to our customers.