Security threats continue to get more sophisticated.

As quick as they’re neutralised, new threats are being released. Securing against these modern attacks takes a holistic approach to ensure optimal protection and not just implementing an anti-virus/malware solution. Security is not something that can simply be set and forget.

MOQdigital offers a complete range of services and solutions to keep you one step ahead. From helping set policy, to architecting a multi-faceted  solution, to conducting risk assessment, we have the expertise to help.


Security Risk Assessment, Policy & Planning

We understand that as businesses continue to grow and workplaces become more flexible, technology cannot resolve all security issues, and that policies and procedures must be integrated to the overarching security infrastructure. We can develop a tailor-made security policy, which is unique to your business and can cover acceptable user policies, host installation procedures, firewall operation policies, or a more broad-stroke security policy.


Security Compliance

As businesses continue to harness digital technologies, they need to ensure that they remain compliant with industry and government regulations. Our team can provide a strong understanding of these requirements, and ensure that your system continues to comply as your business environment continues to change.


Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security protects a businesses’ public facing IT infrastructure from external security threats. Necessary security controls include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and malicious content gateways will ensure client IT systems are resilient from a number of attack vectors.


Secure Mobility & Remote Access

The continual growth of flexible workplace environments has created the need for additional security requirements for staff working remotely, and for those who access content on mobile and personal devices. Our team is able to provide tailored secure remote access solutions, using one or more technologies such as IPsec/SSL VPNs and thin clients along with any necessary strong/two factor authentication requirements.


EndPoint Security

EndPoint security is becoming more important as user devices such as phones and tablets become key in the workplace and are used increasingly to access information systems. Security measures such as device control, buffer overflow detection, host intrusion protection, media and information encryption and application enforcement, all need to be implemented together to centrally manage with appropriate reporting for all EndPoint devices.


Content Management

A critical part of any security infrastructure is the ability to control content leaving or entering a business. By implementing and managing an agile security infrastructure we can manage incoming content through email and block content where needed.

Our content management service can also develop a tailor made security system, which will align user accessibility to content with the workplace policy and help drive productivity.