We’re a client-focused organisation providing innovative solutions across data, applications, and systems to deliver a superior digital experience for our customers. We bring the best PEOPLE together, who understand the TECHNOLOGY and have the INTEGRATION capabilities to get the results for our clients.

We help our clients to overcome the challenges associated with planning, building, and supporting their digital environment, whether those challenges are related to integrating data, applications, or systems – we have the skills and expertise to help.

Our Services

Our Services combine the consulting to set the strategy, the integration skills to bring the most complex environments together and the managed services to provide ongoing support. We have the skills and expertise to help our clients to Plan, Build, and Support their digital environments.

We bridge the gap to make a vision possible.


Consulting what we do

Practical advice, enveloped in a defined delivery framework, to achieve real results!

Juggling evolving business needs, along with emerging trends such as ‘as-a-Service’, makes it increasingly difficult to keep your ICT optimised. At the same time, you’re attempting to deliverxxx  new services to make it easier to do business. Finding the balance between  attention given to supporting current business needs, against that given to moving to a more agile service delivered model, is challenging many IT leaders.

Our Consulting Services goal is to help you overcome these challenges by providing strategy, architecture, and implementation advice to help plan, build, and support your ICT vision. Our Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help simplify the transition of your business to meet the demands of doing more with less.

We offer a range of consulting lead services to assist with this transition, including:

  • Digital Business Delivery – focusing on strategy, roadmap, architecture, maturity assessment, and evaluation services
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance – providing frameworks, policy, risk, planning and auditing capabilities
  • Portfolio, Program, and Project Management – helping with PMO establishment, business case generation, project delivery & recovery

We deliver our disciplined approach via a consultative manner,  where we work with you to identify what is suitable, in terms of outcome, budget, and acceptable rate of change for the business.



Integration can be complex!

The art of integration is like that of a top chef, who has the ability to combine the right ingredients, along with the right cooking methods, to deliver a successful result.

Our Integration capabilities cover data, applications and infrastructure components (the ingredients) allowing us to create truly holistic, and commonly bespoke, solutions for our customers. From:

  • designing the network to connect through
  • to building the server & storage infrastructure to run business systems
  • to running analytics across data sources, and
  • to developing the mobile application to expose line-of-business data – we have the skills to assist.

Whether on-premise, in the Cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, we’re able to design and implement a solution to meet your needs. Our Solution Architects and Engineers are amongst the industries best, evidenced by our World Wide Awards across multiple categories.

We take an open, non-silo approach amongst our Application, Platforms, Converged Communications, and Security teams to help ensure innovation amongst, and not just within, the disciplines.

Managed Services

It’s all about trust!

Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on complex and diverse IT solutions to deliver their needs. As such, running an IT team with the necessary skills and experience is becoming cost prohibitive, AND retention of appropriate staff is challenging. As a result, businesses often look to ‘as-a-Service’ offerings to help bridge the skills gap, thus complementing their team to give complete coverage, or to offload the entire support requirement.

Our Managed Services is that expertise ‘as-a-Service’ solution.

We focus our expertise on supporting and enabling IT Services so you can focus on your own core business capabilities. We have a range of Services that improve IT operations;  flexible and secure options that extend your capability and capacity. From a single technology silo to complete IT operations, our services are designed to deliver greater value for your investment.  Rather than the traditional model of restrictive agreements focused on maintaining the status quo, we plan our service to grow with you as you evolve and progress in the digital age. Exceptional customer service and business metrics underpin what is, essentially, a virtual IT Operations Service, aligned to the organisations execution of strategy.

Our Managed Services develop and sustain trust by providing peace of mind and security, via a safe pair of hands, that will look after your operational needs, whether that be in the form of:

  • Escalation Support to help extend the capabilities of your team
  • Select Support to help manage a specific solution (Office 365, Skype for Business, Cisco UC etc); or
  • Complete Coverage to provide operational support of your entire ICT environment.