Queensland Rugby management believe their efforts must focus on improving how they interact with loyal members and fans while maximising sponsor value. Management viewed non-core business processes like IT as a means to an end, not the end in of itself. On learning that not all managed service providers offer equal performance levels, Queensland Rugby decided to review their approach to technology especially in terms of ROI.

MOQdigital successfully tendered for the technology contract due to their discovery process being markedly different from their rivals. They asked probing questions and took the time to map out the business processes and technology challenges the organisation faced, prior to proposing a solution. The focus of the approach was about understanding how the business could benefit from technology, proving the possible ROI.

MOQdigital conveyed to the executives the importance considering all options and showed how any solution, whether Cloud based or ‘on-premise’ must be tailored to meet their current and future business needs. By reframing how the QRU used technology, and driving efficiencies across the organisation through process reeingeering, MOQdigital has enabled them to quickly adapt, scale and modify every intersection of people and technology. This has yielded huge productivity improvements and achieved staggering reductions in transactional costs.