BDO’s Sydney based IT team is responsible for providing IT service delivery for their NSW and VIC offices. To meet business continuity goals BDO decided to initiate a Disaster Recovery project that would increase the organisation’s ability to restore business services in the event of an unplanned outage. BDO worked closely with MOQdigital to review their needs and develop a flexible and affordable DR solution. The traditional approach was to build a secondary data centre populated with expensive hardware and recurrent maintenance costs. The alternative approach they adopted was to build a “Virtual” DR environment within Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Not only was this more flexible but the build costs were around one third lower than the traditional DIY solution typically deployed using a duplicated hardware and network stack. MOQdigital acted as project manager working closely with BDO’s skilled IT professionals and completed the work in a fraction of the time required to build and populate a physical data centre. For BDO management a serious business risk has been mitigated with the Cloud approach proving to be a more cost-effective and adaptable solution.